Chainlink Fence Services

    Nitro Service Group, LLC provides you with not only excellent fence installation services but also with unbeatable customer service. We are strictly customer focused and have strong obligations of succeeding our customers expectations every time we leave a property. We have limited our services that we provide so we can perfect them every time we are on a job site. 

Chainlink fence is one of the most common fence structures in the residential and commercial market today. It provides a see-through appearance while also acting as security or containment. Chainlink fence typically is the best choice for homeowners who enjoy viewing all of their land but also need to contain a pet or keep out strangers. Not only does our chainlink look great, but it also is very durable in all types of weather. Rusting is not a problem since it is hot dipped galvanized or vinyl coated. 

Some pros of chainlink fence is its durability, its transparent appearance, security (with barbed wire), low cost installation, and its ability to be re-usable. Some cons of chainlink fence are low privacy from neighbors, easy bending, and difficult cleaning.  Nitro Service Group has been installing chainlink fence for many years and we highly recommend this type of fence for anyone who is on a budget, has pets, or needs to keep out trespassers. It is among the overall fence on the market.

Chainlink Installation

  1. NSG will talk over all of the steps and procedures with the homeowner prior to installation. We will not start until the homeowner is fully aware of every step.​ 

  2. Mark where all corner and gate terminal post will be installed and dig holes.

  3. Post drive all terminal post and set them in concrete while making sure they are perfectly level.

  4. Run a string against the outside of all terminal post and begin to dig line post holes perfectly plum with the string.

  5. Drive line post into the ground while making sure they are level against the string. Set line post in concrete.

  6. Install all caps and couplings to the post and run the top rail while ensuring perfect height and level.

  7. Attach and pull chainlink tight to every terminal post.

  8. Secure chainlink fabric to post and top rail with wire ties.

  9. Install gates.

  10. Provide a walkthrough with the homeowner.


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