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What Are the Most Common Types of Fence?

You can drive a mile from your house and probably see 5 different types of fences or 5 different styles of the same fence. Everyone has their own reasoning for choosing a specific fence but we can assume what type of fence someone will want based on a few different things. These things can be; size of pet, neighbors fence, household income, and if they are trying to keep things out or contain things in.

The 4 basic types of fence are Chain link, Wood privacy/ semi privacy, Ornamental Aluminum, and PVC Vinyl. The cost can vary for each one but here is a general ranking from least expensive to most expensive.

  1. Chain link fence

  2. Wood fence

  3. Aluminum fence

  4. Vinyl fence

Obviously, it would not be common for a vinyl fence to be installed in a lower income neighborhood because of how expensive it is. This is why Chain link is very common in very populated lower income suburbs. I should mention that this does not exclude chain link from being installed in higher income households. Black vinyl chain link can look very stylish and last a very long time.

Next, we have wood fence. This is the most versatile and broad material used for fencing which can really vary the cost. You can install a basic dog ear privacy, a cap top privacy, or a lattice top board on board cedar with exposed post. Wood fence is very common in middle class neighborhoods with HOA's because of it stylish appeal and privacy effect. Wood fence is also used on large properties to contain cattle and livestock. Examples of this type of fencing is split-rail fence, 4-board fence, cross-buck fence, and regular farm wire with wooden round post and H-braces.

Aluminum fence has become one of the most utilized types of fence in high end neighborhoods and public gatherings. Its appearance is very stylish and unique from other fences because it appears as a wrought iron but is a lot less expensive. It is great for homeowners with pools and dogs because it meets pool code requirements and as long as the post are correctly concreted in the ground it is very durable for big dogs.

Lastly, we have vinyl fence. Vinyl fence is the easiest fence to maintaining because of house slippery its surface can be when wet. The PVC material that is is made out of last practically forever (same material all your water lines are made out of underground). This type of fence is a lot more common in high-end neighborhoods and very expensive properties. The general investment for a vinyl fence can be up to 4x more expensive than a chainlink fence but in its defense, it should last a lifetime. There are many different types of vinyl fence colors in which some of them favor a high end wood fence color.

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