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McDonough Fence Company Explains How to Stain a Wood Fence.

You finally have decided you want to go with a wood fence but yo are not quite sure what color you want to stain it. There are literally hundreds of different options to choose from so it can definitely be a little intimidating but, once you eliminate what colors you absolutely do not want it can make it a lot easier to choose from. The color and type of stain is totally up to the customer but the installation process remains the same for just about every wood fence.

There are a few steps you will have to do prior to the staining process.We will break it down as simple as possible so you do not leave anything out.


Allowing pressure treated wood to dry before staining is crucial to its longevity and overall durability. Although it varies from different types of wood, a good time to consider waiting before applying stain would be 1-3 months. Obviously, the situation would be different for wood in a very rainy area vs a very dry area so its best to try the sprinkle test to check its dryness. With your wood completely dry, pour a small amount of water on it. If the wood soaks in the water its ready for stain, if the water beads off then it still needs to wait.


You will want to go around the entire fence with a pressure washer and knock off any loose debris or grime. Next, you will need to apply a cleaning agent to the wood and let it soak in for a few minutes before washing it off. Its best to let the wood completely dry out before applying any kind of stain. Make sure there is no loose particles on the fence before applying the stain.


When staining your fence you want to make sure you have all the necessary tools before bringing so you do not have to stop in the middle of the process. Ex. tools are paint pads, brushes, bucket, rags, and a lot of elbow grease! When applying the stain don't get anxious and rush the process. For the stain to turn out good you will need to apply and nice consistent layer to the entire fence. It should only take one coat to complete the entire fence but touch ups will be necessary.


Allow the stain to completely dry before touching it or allowing it to get wet. This usually takes a full day in order for the drying process to be completed. After everything is dry you may clean off any rough or loose pieces that may have accumulated in the cracks.

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