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What Is the Best Fence for Your Pet?

Deciding on a fence for your pet can be very overwhelming with all the different options today. We are going to break down what fence is best for your situation.

Privacy Fence

Privacy fence comes in several different options and materials. The most common is regular 6' wood dog-eared privacy. This is great for dogs because the whole fence is custom built to ensure there are no big gaps on the bottom of the fence and every post is set in concrete 2' deep. It is also very easy to replace/rebuild panels on wooden privacy fences which helps if you have a hyperactive dog. Dog ear privacy fences do have a small gap between pickets to allow expansion and contracting throughout the year so if your dog gets out of hand when seeing other dogs or people this option may not be the best for you.

Vinyl fence has become a lot more common over the past 10 years because of its durability, luxurious style, and easy maintenance. This can be a very good option for your pets because of its 100% enclosure. The biggest gap you will have with a vinyl fence is between a double gate or gate latch post. With that being said, This type of fence can block off any outside views for your pet which should allow them to stay a lot more calm. Replacing a broken picket on a vinyl fence is a more tedious job than wood but it can be done. The only downside to vinyl fence is its price but, the durability and longevity makes up for it.

Non-Privacy Fence

There are some great fence options to contain your pet that do not leave your yard 100% private to your neighbors. Chain Link fence is the most common fence for pets due to its low cost and durability. In fact, Black vinyl chain link is very stylish while not breaking the bank. Its nearly impossible for a dog to go through a chain link fence since it is metal. It is common for dogs to try and dig under the chain link fabric but that can be easily resolved with tension wire ran at the bottom of the fence which is secured to the fabric with hog rings. Chain link is obviously see-through so this is not a good option for any pets that become un-glued when seeing movement on the other side of the fence. This all applies for any kind of farm fence wire as well.

Aluminum fencing is a very stylish yet durable material. This type of fence has the most open style panels which could be an issue for small dogs. Puppy pickets can be applied to the bottom of the panels if needed. Aluminum fence is installed by a post and pre-built panels. It is very easy to replace panels on an aluminum fence therefore makes it a great option for heavier pets that may bump into the fence over time. Aluminum fence is very easy to take care of and maintain. It is more expensive than chainlink and wood but is alot more stylish and cheaper than vinyl. This is a great option for neighborhoods with strict HOA's as well.

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