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How Long Does It Take to Install a Fence?

There is no reason you should go into something without knowing how long it is going to take to be completed....the same goes for your fence Install. We will attempt to break down and explain why different fences take a different amount of time to install.

Different Fence = Different Install Time

Obviously the more technical something is the more time it takes to accomplish it. The same goes for installing a fence. We will mention all types of fence and specific scenarios that may speed up or slow down the install. All install times will be based off a 200' fence with one single gate and a 2-3 man crew.

Chain link: Estimated time to install residential chain link fence is 1 full 8 hour day. Core drilling is estimated to take an extra 10-15 minutes per hole. Commercial chain link can take twice the amount of time because of how heavy the material is.

Wood Privacy: Estimated time to install a regular dog-ear privacy is 8-10 hours. Core drilling can take up to 30 minutes per hole due to how big the hole must be drilled. Any special designs such as Scallop/ Saddle cut can add another 3 hours to the install. Also, if all 6x6 post are used on the install it can add 2 hours to the total time.

Aluminum: Estimated time to install a residential aluminum fence is about 6-8 hours. As stated above any additional core drilling will add to the time. Aluminum is a light material that is lot easier to handle then most other materials.

Vinyl: Estimated time to Install 6' Vinyl fence is 12-15 hours or 2 days. Vinyl is generally the most time consuming fence to install because of how deep the holes must be dug and how stubborn the PVC can be to pop together. Its durability makes up for the tedious install.

Time consuming factors: There are a few factors that can add a little to a lot of time to a fence install.

  1. Steep grade.

  2. Rocky terrain.

  3. Very loose soil

  4. Tight/Wooded areas

  5. Underground pipes (sprinkler & pool lines)

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