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What To Expect From Your Fence Install

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

A lot can go into preparing for a fence install from deciding on what material your going to use, to figuring out exactly where you want the fence to go. But what about the actual fence installation process? We'll cover that for you...

The Process

1.) Laying out the fence. Every corner or end post must be marked in order to measure for distance between each post. For chain link and farm fence 10' is the maximum distance between two post yet, wood has a 8' maximum and vinyl/aluminum have a 6' maximum.

2.) The second thing to do is set all of your corner and end post in order to pull a string to ensure all post are perfectly level and in a straight line from end to end.

3.)Next, we will mark where every post will go and dig the hole 1'-3' deep depending upon the type of fence that is to be installed.

4.)Now, for a vinyl or aluminum fence we must set a post and panel in that order because the panels will fit inside the post. For a wooden or chainlink fence we will set all of our post first then come back and attach/build the panels.

5.)Our next step will be to build the panels or attach the chainlink fabric and top rail to the post. Vinyl and Aluminum fence are built in between every post as stated above.

6.) We now will dispose of any left over dirt to the back of the property or where ever the homeowner prefers.

7.) Finally, we will build or attach the gates and clean up any left over material. We try our best to leave the grade nature but if there is a drastic jump in height we may have to dig it out for the fence to run smooth.

After everything is installed the installers may attach a company sign to the fence to trademark the work. It is also common for the company to take photos after the install for future references.

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