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Best Time of Year To Install Your Fence?

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

It takes a lot of planning to decide what type of fence you want installed. Don't let the weather dictate when you install your custom fence.

Weather vs Fence Installation

The weather is notorious for dictating what people wear, plan, buy, and even eat/drink but it should not be a giant concern for your fence install.... ill explain.

When the weather gets colder homeowners naturally put off any outdoor plans because they have been told its not a good idea to start a project in the winter. Although that can be true for some services, there is not any reason you can not install your fence. All fence materials are built and created to withstand any weather conditions year-round. The only thing that can be altered when installing a fence in the cold weather is the amount of time it takes the concrete to set. This can add time to the overall install but no more than 1 day. Also, its a good idea to make sure you do not install your fence before a massive rain unless it is a lighter material or gauge (ex. Aluminum, Chainlink, 4' vinyl) to ensure it does not lean over with the soggy ground. These are all things that your fence installation company should already be planning for.

Why You Should Install Your Fence In the Winter

Lets face it... You want to have the fence installed you just don't think its a good time because everyone else is putting off their outdoors constructions. Here are some reasons you should go ahead and have your fence installed.

1). When spring comes around you will have one less thing to worry about and pay for.

2). You may be able to have your beautiful fence installed before the holidays therefore you can show it off to your family and friends.

3). Your fence will allow your pet to roam the yard without your supervision which gets you out of the cold air!

4). Your fence may qualify as a tax write off before the end of the year.

5). Christmas is the #1 time of year for robbery's and your fence will help secure any expensive items you may have at home.

If you have any other questions about the weather vs your fence install please contact NSG Fence Co. Have a great day!

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