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Comparing Vinyl Fence and Wood Fence

Wood fence has been used for hundreds of years to keep in livestock and secure properties from any intruders. More recently it has been used for pets and decorative purposes. It can be installed with a natural look (ex. split rail) or with a luxurious look (ex. Board on Board Cap Top) for high end properties. The only down fall to any wood fence is its lifespan. Although we can stain wood to make it last longer, we cant 100% prevent any cracking, swelling, or sagging. Thats exactly why fence manufactures developed a fence material that serves the same purpose as wood but is a lot more durable and has a very long life span.

Pros of Wood Fence:

  1. Easy custom install. Wood can be cut and shaped to fit any way it needs to.

  2. Easy repairs to any damaged boards, post, or pickets.

  3. Allows for any color stain to be applied to it.

  4. Design can be 100% custom and original.

  5. Durable enough to keep out any unwanted animals.

Cons of Wood Fence:

  1. Wood naturally looses its durability over time causing cracking or sagging.

  2. Color turns darker over time.

  3. Cost money to initially & re-stain the fence.

  4. May be difficult to remove any mildew or mold.

  5. Nails may pop out over time if the wood is expanded enough.

Pros of Vinyl Fence:

  1. Very easy to clean.

  2. PVC last forever.

  3. Never fades.

  4. Panels are always re-usable.

  5. Very durable.

Cons of Vinyl Fence:

  1. Difficult to replace pickets or post.

  2. PVC could slightly warp over time.

  3. More expensive than most fence materials.

This should give you a good insight of the difference between Vinyl and Wood fence. Obviously Vinyl seems to have more upsides but its true downfall is its cost. Wood fence has been used for so long its hard to discredit it. With that being said if you treat your wood fence with the right care it can last a very long time as well. If you have any other questions contact NSG Fence Co. Have a great day!

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