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Cleaning a Chain Link Fence

Chainlink fence is a great fence for dogs and security but over time it become dirty from dust, mud, and accidental markings. We are going to give you a very simple technique you can use to effectively clean your chain link fence.

Tools needed:

  1. Pressure washer

  2. Simple green or purple power

  3. Rag

  4. Spray bottle

  5. Bristle brush


  1. Use pressure washer to get off any loose mud or debris on the fabric and post.

  2. Use spray bottle to spray the entire fence with simple green/ purple power and let it sit for at least 2 minutes.

  3. Use pressure washer to wash off the cleaner and debris that comes off with it.

  4. For any stubborn stains try respraying the cleaner on the stain and scrub it with the bristle brush. Be careful not to use a very coarse brush on vinyl coat chainlink because it can scrub off the coating.

  5. Follow up with the pressure washer once again and your fence should be good as new!

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