Wood Fence Services

Wood fencing is among the second most common type of fence in the residential and commercial market today. It provides a privacy or see-through appearance while also acing as a security or containment. Wood privacy fence is typically the best for homeowners who do not want to see their neighbors or have their neighbors see them. Wood 4-board fence is typically for the homeowner who would like to make the front of their property very appealing or to contain farm animals. Our wood fence is very durable and can be easily fixed or replaced.

 Nitro Service Group, LLC provides you with not only excellent fence installation services but also with unbeatable customer service. We are strictly customer focused and have strong obligations of succeeding our customers expectations every time we leave a property. We have limited our services that we provide so we can perfect them every time we are on a job site. 

Some pros of wood fencing is its durability, privacy or transparent appearance, security, affordable pricing, easy cleaning, and its ability to be easily repaired. Some cons for wood fence are its inability to be easily re-usable, boards may warp over time due to weather, and boards or post may become weaker from frequent rainfall. Nitro Service Group highly recommends wood fence for a homeowner who has pets or farm animals, needs to keep out trespassers, or needs privacy from neighbors.  
Wood Fence Installation
  1. NSG will talk over all of the steps and procedures with the homeowner prior to installation. We will not start until the homeowner is fully aware of every step.​ 

  2. Mark where all corner and gate post will be set.

  3. Dig hole 2ft deep and set leveled post in concrete.

  4. Run a string against the outside of all corner & gate post and begin to dig line post holes perfectly plum with the string.

  5. Set all line post in concrete while making sure they are acutely level with the string.

  6. Let all the post sit over night. Next, run all of the 2x4 or 1x6 running boards.

  7. Begin to install pickets while making sure they are level.

  8. Custom build gates.

  9. Provide a walkthrough with the homeowner.